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Temperature correlates with anything, and nothing

This is a scientific article. Or at least I pretend it is because it did not yet go through peer review.

Summary of the summary:
It’s impossible to know from observation how much of the actual warming can be attributed to CO2 or to other parameters.
So far, only model calculations provide more or less plausible estimates of its contribution to the observed 1 °C rise: it lies between 25 and 30% (according to some other calculations it could even be only ~10%). Continue reading

Feasibility of electrical autarchy in Switzerland.

The Swiss Federal Council, our government, has decided to get out of nuclear energy and to orient our electrical supply toward renewable sources. This decision has not yet been confirmed in the Parliament, and we, the people, will have to have a say, I hope.

Here is some material to forge one’s opinion.

In short : it’s monstrous, almost impossible to implement on out territory. And it is expensive, very expensive, between 3 and 8 times what it would cost to replace the current nuclear facilities. Electrical autarchy is not for tomorrow.

It’s in French but not so complicated. Continue reading

Carbon fate, from fuel to rocks

Carbon is an essential element for life on Earth.
It is totally absurd to pretend that emitting it into the atmosphere in the form of CO2 is a dirty, polluting act.

On the site, I demonstrate that the climate is much less sensitive to it than what is pretended as a dogma since more than thirty years (see here).

Having made this point, I should avoid analysing what happens with CO2, since it has… Continue reading

Blog Merger

On my site dedicated to climate questions, that all of you will have consulted and read with much attention, there is a blog item in which news and some details are published. This makes an overlap with this more general blog. Now I’m merging both into just one.

A series of old entries will now appear here, if you didn’t read them this is a good opportunity to do so, and if you did you can jump to… Continue reading

Fossil reserves shall not remain a pillow of laziness.

We remember the Meadows report The Limit to Growth of 1972 in which a Malthusian alarm bell was pulled regarding the future of the planet. One of its chapter was dealing with the finiteness of all resources. Where are we today, 43 years after the publication of this report ? Can we just remain satisfied of having plenty of the coal, oil and gas? Continue reading

Update of my arguments against anthropowarmism

The interactive slide presentation with my arguments against anthropowarmism has been updated and completed.

It contains:

  • my 10 argument summary slides;
  • supplemental information on radiative forcing explanations and calculation;
  • an analysis on CO2 being or not THE culprit, which it’s far from being the case, and whose contribution to warming is, at most, weak.

It can be downloaded here:

The environment: all is wrong, nothing can be right.

Here is a strong statement, one of those that can only be convincing because categorical:

Nevertheless, concerning what I call ecological disaster, I lean unfortunately on real facts, and, whatever the abilities of the human brain to eradicate such facts of its consciousness, they exist… Just like the sun shines.”

The young cousin who writes this to me, she will recognize herself, has no doubt, she knows. The facts on which she bases her conviction can moreover be enumerated… Continue reading

Marxisme et capitalisme

Vendredi passé sur A2 il y eu un échange entre Thomas Piketty, présenté comme un critique du capitalisme sans y être opposé, et Frédéric Lordon, critique et adversaire du capitalisme. Puis est intervenu Guy Sorman, l’un des rares penseurs libéraux en France. Ce fut un merveilleux rappel de la doxa marxiste à propos de la société et de son économie suivi par une simple et brillante réfutation. Continue reading

Must a purpose be imposed to nature? No!

Species do not evolve to follow any purpose. As would say Johnny: “they evolve … because they change.”

We know that giraffes did not develop a long neck to manage to graze the top of trees, nor that insects did not begin making pheromones with the aim of attracting a sexual partner. These functions appeared and turned out superior in comparison with previous alternatives; this allowed the species to survive better, while many others went extinct. Over the course of… Continue reading

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