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Taxes incitatives : un détournement majeur

(Sorry, no English tranlation available at this time. But since 83% of the English vocabulary comes from the French, you may be ashamed of not understanding it).

Nous sommes dans une grande confusion à propos des taxes incitatives à buts écologiques ou autres.

Sans entrer dans le débat s’il est opportun de réduire la consommation de cigarettes, de favoriser les énergies renouvelables, ou de taxer l’usage de substances organiques volatiles je me limiterai ici à ce que cela signifie pour… Continue reading

Climate controversy: two diametrically opposed wagers.

The climate controversy [i] will only be resolved by time. And a lot of time, centuries, because validating a model or confirming a theory can only be done with the aid of experimental data, and we only have one single and slow laboratory in which only one unique experiment is running: the Earth [ii].

Positions are hardly reconcilable: on one hand there are the anthropowarmists, and on the other hand the climatosceptics. While there is no doubt about the… Continue reading

Global warming is at a standstill since 17 years. Is it important?

Warmists are somehow bothered, sceptics and deniers are delighted: the temperature at the surface of the Earth does not grow any more since approximately 17 years. The first ones begin then to speak about a “pause” while the seconds use this fact to invalidate warming and its anthropogenic cause.

Both have good reasons for reacting as they do.

But both are also wrong.

The temperature does not just have to rise or not to indicate if climatic variations are, or… Continue reading

A scandalously moronic petition

In Switzerland, a petition to the government and to the members of Parliament for a fair climatic policy was launched so that everything should be undertaken to stop global warming[1]. The WWF is its main inspirator. Neither the authors nor the date of first publication are known. More than thirty thousand anonymous have already made a click to support it. I just have “signed” it by announcing me as Saint Augustin and I repeated it with the same… Continue reading

Ne pas prendre ses craintes pour réalité

Le Grand Remplacement est une théorie qui explique que progressivement une immigration et une démographie de plus en plus massive de populations provenant d’une culture très différente voire opposée à la nôtre va engendrer la substitution de notre civilisation par la leur. C'est clairement l'Islam et l'islamisme qui sont visés. On verra que cette théorie est absurde et/ou défaitiste. Continue reading
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