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Develop further the developed World!

While developing countries have clear priorities to move forward, the developed World is disoriented, It faces three challenges: a demography with less active people to provide for the well-being of more inactive ones, an economic stagnation, and an inappropriate structure of its activities. Solutions exist but they will take a lot of courage and a long time to be put in place and to bear fruits Continue reading

Énergies intermittentes : stockage et restitution

Lorsque les productions d’énergie sont intermittentes pour cause de nuit, de nuages ou d’absence de vent, il faut soit se fournir ailleurs soit alors stocker de l’énergie en réserve pendant le temps productif pour la restituer plus tard. Dans le cas du pompage-turbinage il faut investir 17 fois plus que pour une simple centrale thermique à gaz. La transition énergétique est absurde. Continue reading

Responsibility and sustainable development.

Responsibility is a legal and moral a concept. Repair and punishment will be demanded in case of irresponsible behavior. The moral point of view of different cultural contexts prescribe standards that are often irreconcilable. At first sight the idea of bearing a responsibility for sustainable development seems reasonable, even moral. And yet this is an arrogant and absurd posture because our knowledge is limited and our ability to make predictions is nil. Future generations will not need… Continue reading

Why alternative energies are getting out of fashion?

The so-called alternative energy sources are losing the aura they had a few years ago. There are three predominant factors for this disenchantment: their success depends on subsidies, the products they provide are in no way improved, neither in quantity or quality, nor in their costs, and they contribute only slowly and partially to replacing fossil fuels. Continue reading

Apocalypse Now

A new scandalous disinformation campaign was just initiated by the IPCC. Dramatic announcements of inevitable climate catastrophes are based on no new facts. And they are wrong. When are we going to wake up from such a nightmare? Continue reading

Via Sicura, limites de la sécurité routière en Suisse.

La limitation du taux d'alcool dans le sang est une des mesure phares de la politique de sécurité routière. Pourtant, contrairement à ce que l'on peut attendre, les taux mesurés lors d'accidents avec dégâts corporels ne sont pas proches des limites mais nuls – pas d'alcool en cause – ou alors ils sont très élevés – des personnes manifestement saoules sont impliquées. Continue reading

En quoi Ch. Blocher divise

Depuis l’aile droite du parti radical jusqu’aux parti du travail, la gauche l’abhorre, les médias aussi. Les crânes de granite alpin de l’UDC/SVP l’adorent; avec les populistes qui réclament sur tout sans rien proposer ils sont ses « idiots utiles ». Continue reading

Europe, why complain, how to make it?

It has become fashionable to complain about the European Union. Nevertheless it exists and can evolve into three directions: obstinacy with the current unsatisfactory situation, partial or total dismanteling, or sublimation toward a federation. Goals and ways which Switzerland will follow to negociate with the 28 Member States and with the EU need to be clear, communicated, and widely supported. Continue reading
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