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Update of my arguments against anthropowarmism

The interactive slide presentation with my arguments against anthropowarmism has been updated and completed.

It contains:

  • my 10 argument summary slides;
  • supplemental information on radiative forcing explanations and calculation;
  • an analysis on CO2 being or not THE culprit, which it’s far from being the case, and whose contribution to warming is, at most, weak.

It can be downloaded here:

The environment: all is wrong, nothing can be right.

Here is a strong statement, one of those that can only be convincing because categorical:

Nevertheless, concerning what I call ecological disaster, I lean unfortunately on real facts, and, whatever the abilities of the human brain to eradicate such facts of its consciousness, they exist… Just like the sun shines.”

The young cousin who writes this to me, she will recognize herself, has no doubt, she knows. The facts on which she bases her conviction can moreover be enumerated… Continue reading

Marxisme et capitalisme

Vendredi passé sur A2 il y eu un échange entre Thomas Piketty, présenté comme un critique du capitalisme sans y être opposé, et Frédéric Lordon, critique et adversaire du capitalisme. Puis est intervenu Guy Sorman, l’un des rares penseurs libéraux en France. Ce fut un merveilleux rappel de la doxa marxiste à propos de la société et de son économie suivi par une simple et brillante réfutation. Continue reading

Must a purpose be imposed to nature? No!

Species do not evolve to follow any purpose. As would say Johnny: “they evolve … because they change.”

We know that giraffes did not develop a long neck to manage to graze the top of trees, nor that insects did not begin making pheromones with the aim of attracting a sexual partner. These functions appeared and turned out superior in comparison with previous alternatives; this allowed the species to survive better, while many others went extinct. Over the course of… Continue reading

Cleantech, une escroquerie

(Sorry, no English translation available, too much playing with words, even the French is unclean)

Les anciennes technologies sont sales, bienvenue aux technologies propres !

Que veut-on dire par là ?

Que n’est propre que ce qui ne fait pas de déchets, ne consomme ni énergie (à moins qu’elle ne soit renouvelée), ni matières premières (à moins qu’elles n’en soient à leur nième recyclage). De telles technologie n’existent et n’existeront pas, vous le savez, mais en choisissant… Continue reading

Your opinion is not wanted

In Switzerland, the federal Council (our government) follows a climatic policy that is in extreme compliance with the dogma established since more than thirty years: Humans are guilty of modifying the climate, they now have to change their behaviour to save the planet, here and now.

By its more than active participation to international institutions this official Switzerland positions itself as a champion of the rescue ordered by the climatic oracles.

As the reader of these lines will have understood… Continue reading

Declaration of conflicts of interests.

It became compulsory for scientists to declare the possible conflicts of interests which could exist in relation with study results that they publish, as well as to indicate what their sources of funding were. We can ramble on about the efficiency of these declarations and their verifiability, they have nevertheless a certain safeguard function, or rather of honest guard.

In the mass media it is never indicated, especially when the news is interpreted by the “commentators”. The reader is supposed… Continue reading

Spéculations métaphysiques

(Sorry, no translation available for such speculative ideas)

Si le temps ne se déroulait pas de manière linéaire ?

Il n’y aurait pas de début nécessaire, ni de fin inexorable.

Le big-bang aurait peut-être eu lieu mais en s’écoulant à une vitesse relativement perçue comme « normale » pour un hypothétique observateur contemporain de cet évènement.

Imaginons une échelle de temps logarithmique : le big-bang s’y déroule depuis 10-∞ secondes et continue de se dérouler… Continue reading

Taxes incitatives : un détournement majeur

(Sorry, no English tranlation available at this time. But since 83% of the English vocabulary comes from the French, you may be ashamed of not understanding it).

Nous sommes dans une grande confusion à propos des taxes incitatives à buts écologiques ou autres.

Sans entrer dans le débat s’il est opportun de réduire la consommation de cigarettes, de favoriser les énergies renouvelables, ou de taxer l’usage de substances organiques volatiles je me limiterai ici à ce que cela signifie pour… Continue reading

Climate controversy: two diametrically opposed wagers.

The climate controversy [i] will only be resolved by time. And a lot of time, centuries, because validating a model or confirming a theory can only be done with the aid of experimental data, and we only have one single and slow laboratory in which only one unique experiment is running: the Earth [ii].

Positions are hardly reconcilable: on one hand there are the anthropowarmists, and on the other hand the climatosceptics. While there is no doubt about the… Continue reading

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